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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thoughts on Christmas Shopping

Bright lights and Christmas decorations are going up, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. And it's COLD!  But of course the “Christmas” commercials have been with us for what seems like weeks. When I was younger, it was considered quite gauche, tacky, simply not done, for merchants to advertise Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. Now they hardly even wait for Halloween!

Christmas shopping is in full swing, I suppose, but I’ve always enjoyed waiting until the week or so before Christmas to do mine. Of course, I now do much of my shopping online, and that must be done early enough to allow for shipping. But actually going to stores ~ I think that’s much more fun in mid-December, when it actually feels like Christmas.

As for "Black Friday"... For me, the day after Thanksgiving is for relaxing with family, watching movies, eating turkey sandwiches and finishing off those pies. My sisters-in-law sometimes go with each other and their daughters to the mall at 5:00 am, and have a big time, but you couldn’t pay me to go shopping that day!

I found myself telling my husband the other day how much I love Christmas, and that I would love it just as much without any shopping or presents at all. (Yes, I know that’s a dangerous thing to say to one’s husband ~ but he would never consider not giving gifts!)

Of course I will give and receive gifts ~ they are a way to express love and appreciation and friendship, a way to share joy and generosity, and they are so much fun to wrap (and open).

But really if I have beautiful Christmas music and a holly wreath and my mother’s nativity crèche set up on the piano, and most of all my family around me, I will be joyful and more than content.

Oh yes, and the Christmas tree.  And maybe some cookies....


I appreciate your visit and your comments! ~ Karen

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