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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What are YOUR Favorite Colors?

My What's Your Favorite Color challenge continues until Sunday, and I couldn't resist creating another quick piece in another of my favorite colors -- this time deep wine red. (My first pick had to be aquamarine blue!)

The entries are shaping up nicely and the gallery for the challenge looks pretty in a rainbow of colors.  Come see, and share your favorite colors -- or two or three!  Each entry is your chance to win the random drawing on Sunday.  Join in to win your choice of one of ten Lunagirl Digital Collage Sheet collections on CD!

Monday, July 28, 2014

What's Your Favorite Color: Second Week

My "What's Your Favorite Color?" creative challenge continues throughout this week, until Sunday.  Remember you can enter up to three pieces (all the same color or in three favorite colors if you like -- it's hard to pick just one!)

And remember that every entry is your chance to win the random drawing for a great prize: a Lunagirl collage sheet CD (ten to choose from).  Use a Lunagirl image in your creation and double your chances!

Thanks to the wonderful Lunagirl Moonbeams Design Team for more inspiration below (these are particularly pretty, don't you think?) ... and also to everyone who has entered so far.  Share your favorite color... you have until Sunday!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Purple Lady for Friday... What's Your Favorite Color?

This charming lady in her purple pants is here to remind you to create something using YOUR favorite color for the current challenge!

Our What's Your Favorite Color challenge continues all next week, so you have plenty of time... and plenty of inspiration from the Design Team samples and gallery of entries we already have (go see!), and also in my Color Theme digital collage sheets at

So far we have some pink and purple and yellow and orange and even fabulous black... a little green and red... add your own creation and let's see a whole rainbow in the entries.

Michele Storms of the Moonbeams DT submitted this sweet vintage style tag to inspire you:  
"this "purple lady dancer"  from the "purple 1" collage sheet.  oh how i love this challenge!  let's do favorite colors forever!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aquamarine Dreams

Well, I couldn't resist. Yesterday I had several hours of fun creating two "Aquamarine" themed digital collage sheets!

Come see!

And don't forget to find your own favorite color and enter the "What's Your Favorite Color" challenge. You might win the drawing for a Lunagirl collage sheet collection on CD.

Now I'll have to work on some sheets in burgundy wine red...  and I forgot emerald green...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Creative Challenge: Use Your Favorite Color!

For the next Lunagirl blog challenge (#30), here's a fun theme: What's Your Favorite Color?

Each of the Moonbeams Design Team will be working with their own favorite color.  For your entry, use your favorite color!  So this is kind of an "anything goes" challenge, so long as you focus on or highlight your favorite color.

This theme was inspired partly by my collection of color-themed digital collage sheets at  I have whole collections in shades of pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, red, orange, even sepia and black/white.  So I hope you can find your favorite to work with.  And if you can't decide which color is your favorite, remember you can enter two or three times so choose two or three favorite colors!

(Ironically, I have not yet created color-themed digital collage sheets in my favorite shades: aquamarine blue-green (the color of the sea) and deep wine red.  Hmmm, I may have to make that a project...)  My third favorite would have to be purple!

And this time we have a special prize:  the winner (selected by random drawing on August 3) will receive one of my Lunagirl digital collage sheet CDs -- your choice of ten CDs, each includes 25 printable digital sheets.

So get inspired!  Here are the challenge guidelines:

  • Any craft or medium is OK.
  • Limit of 3 entries from one person in each challenge, please.
  • Vintage style is encouraged.
  • Use a Lunagirl image or element and your entry will count twice in the drawing!
  • Remember to link to this blog and to on your site if you have one.
  • Prize:  The winner will be selected randomly, to receive a Lunagirl collage sheet CD ($25 value).
  • Challenge ends at noon CST on August 3.

  • Of course I love if you use at least one product, and I hope you'll go take a look at my collection... but that's not a requirement. However, remember that if you use a Lunagirl image, you will be entered TWICE in the drawing! I want to welcome everyone and every style but also give a little something extra to my wonderful customers! 

    LINK UP YOUR ENTRIES BELOW TO PLAY (and please don't forget to SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE Design Team creations!)


     "sometimes i like to challenge myself to use only the items on the collage sheet.  except for the flower at bottom left, everything on this collage-style ATC is from the shabby lilac sheet. as you can see this lovely lady is having sweet purple-y fairy dreams."

    MANDY CHILVERS: PINK POSTCARD "How nice to hear from you."
    (Lady from Pink Ladies collage sheet and flowers from Blossoms collage sheet.)
    "This is a flip card.  The front part is the negative of the embossing done by a folder.  Inside the left part is embossed.  The message is hidden behind the diecut holding the Lunagirl image."
    Lady from Yellow collage sheet

    Here are a few of my favorite things, in aquamarine!
    The woman is from the collage sheet She Walks in Beauty, the wild roses and feathers are from my Victorian Flowers CD (altered colors), the ocean is a photograph I took and the rest is various altered ephemera.

    Sunday, July 20, 2014

    Challenge Winner: Wendy at Paper Whims

    We've seen some beautiful vintage seaside cards and creations for this challenge, and some fabulous bathing beauties.  Now it's time to choose the challenge winner in a random drawing!

    Remember that everyone has an equal chance since it's a random pick, but everyone who uses a Lunagirl images in their submission doubles their chances in the drawing...  :-)

    Our lucky winner this time is entry #6, Paper Whim's beautiful birthday ATC!

    Congratulations, Wendy!  Email me at to claim your $10 store credit to spend at

    Everyone come back tomorrow (Monday morning) for the next challenge.  My theme will be a fun one: What's Your Favorite Color?

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Ready for the Beach?

    Don't forget you still have until Sunday to enter the Vintage Seashore & Bathing Beauties challenge!

    This bathing beauty is ready for the beach... what's with the socks, I don't know, but I love her flapper headscarf and sporty swimsuit.  (Click to save, free for your personal-use projects!)

    More bathing beauties and ocean-themed images await you at Lunagirl Images... every entry is your chance to win the drawing for $10 store credit ... use at least one Lunagirl image and double your chances!  

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Prizes and Great Workshops at Artful Gathering

    Congratulations to Carie G., who won the June prize drawing at my sponsor page over at Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat!  Carie received a Lunagirl digital collage sheet.

    If you aren't familiar with Artful Gathering's online art workshops and events, I do suggest you go check it out.  The second session is just starting up, and with plenty of great instructors there is something for everybody!  Cristina Zinnia Galliher does a fabulous job of coordinating this online event each summer, and I am so proud to be sponsoring again this year.

    BTW, there will be more prize drawings at my Lunagirl sponsor page and the other sponsor pages, plus there will be a grand prize drawing for a $50 Lunagirl shopping spree!  To enter you just need to register for AG and then leave a comment on my sponsor page.  Whether you win prizes or not, your registration gives you the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous online workshops and meet some great folks!

    Monday, July 14, 2014

    More Vintage Bathing Beauties ... Share Yours!

    Bathing beauties are popping up everywhere! Here are more vintage seashore creations from the Lunagirl Moonbeams DT.  The VINTAGE SEASHORE / BATHING BEAUTIES CHALLENGE continues all this week, so you have plenty of time to share your work for a chance to win store credit at

    "The ocean background was a piece of red cardstock that I altered over a year ago and it had been lying on my desk so I decided to finally cut it up. The sand was as tan cardstock on which I stenciled some brown ink.  The sentiment was a sticker and the image was of course Lunagirl."

    Sunday, July 13, 2014

    Love at First Sight

    I just had to share my joy and luck at what I bought for $15 at a basement tag sale this weekend: a fabulous vintage Singer sewing machine almost exactly like the one my mother had.

    We had checked out all the funky old stuff in the basement sale, not much of interest and mostly overpriced, when I noticed an old mid-century looking case under a table.  I dragged it out and opened it up out of curiosity, expecting to find an old typewriter.  Instead, I found this Singer 401A sewing machine in nearly new condition! Sitting under my mother's sewing table is one of my earliest memories, and when I saw this machine it was like light and music shone down from the heavens! Truly!

    I plugged it in and checked it out, trying to contain myself when I asked the man How Much, afraid of what he would say. Fifteen dollars! I turned around quick to hide my glee. Yes, it is mine!  It was waiting for me to find it.

    So it works great, is very clean and complete, has the foot pedal and cord in excellent condition.  Probably would have cost me $200-$300 on another day.  These old machines are built to last -- HEAVY and well-designed.  This one is over 50 years old and should last a couple more lifetimes. :-)

    Do you sew, Lunagirl, you might ask?  Well, I used to!  And I've wanted a machine for years. My mother sewed alot, and her mother was a seamstress, and now that I have this amazing machine I must start sewing again.  I remembered how to thread it, so that's a start! And luckily I have a manual.

    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    Vintage Beach Girls at Lunagirl & Boys at Play at DSC

    Hi all! Don't forget to enter my Vintage Seashore challenge with your own Bathing Beauty!  Here is a lovely tag by Michele Storms to inspire you!

    If you hurry, you can enter your creation in the Beach challenge over at DigitallySweet as well (use at least one digital image or element -- Lunagirl has plenty of vintage bathing beauties you can download instantly).  DSC's Beach challenge ends tomorrow -- so sorry I didn't notice it sooner to tell you before now.

    Also I'll be sponsoring the new DSC challenge tomorrow -- Boys at Play -- a great theme. Go see the really wonderful DT samples over there and join in to win.

    This vintage beach girl tag is so cute.  We have some really charming entries already -- can't wait to see yours!  Link up your bathing beauty for a chance to win some store credit at  Challenge continues all this week until July 20.

    Monday, July 7, 2014


    Alright, everyone, the Lunagirl Moonbeams blog challenges are starting up again right now...
    Our theme is VINTAGE SEASHORE and BATHING BEAUTIES -- always popular, and perfect for July, don't you think?

    You'll find plenty of summertime collage sheets at Lunagirl, as well as individual bathing beauty photos on my Ladies Photos CDs and Victorian seashore pictures on my Vintage Women & Men CD.  And I even have Antique Seashells Prints!

    The Design Team will be working with images from the sheets Bathing Beauties 3 and At the Seashore (be sure to scroll down to see inspiration from the Moonbeams DT below!)

    Here are the guidelines for this challenge: This challenge (#29) will end at Noon (Central Time) on July 20.

  • Any craft or medium is OK,
  • No more than 3 entries from one person in each challenge, 
  • Vintage style is encouraged, and 
  • Remember to link to this blog and to on your site if you have one.
  • Prize:  The winner will be selected randomly to win a $10 coupon for! 

  • Of course I love if you use at least one product, and I hope you'll go take a look at my collection... but that's not a requirement. However, remember that if you use a Lunagirl image, you will be entered TWICE in the drawing! I want to welcome everyone and every style but also give a little something extra to my wonderful customers!

    LINK UP YOUR ENTRIES BELOW TO PLAY (and please don't forget to SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE Design Team creations!)


    4x6 postcard with bathing beauties from and big shell from Twisted Papers.
    I like that they are in Australia (see the map background) and I love the little seahorse.
    Card using block coloring through various scraps of paper. Image is by Lunagirl.

    Pretty colors and polka dots!

    Sunday, July 6, 2014

    "Bathing Beauty" challange starts tomorrow

    Don't forget ... 
    a new blog challenge starts tomorrow!

    Get inspired and share your Vintage Seashore and Bathing Beauty themed creations!

    Here are some ladies in the latest French swimsuit fashions from long ago...

    Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    Vintage Fourth of July -- Ready for Fireworks?

    Happy Independence Day to readers in the U.S.... Did you know John Adams thought that Americans would celebrate on July 2nd -- the day the Continental Congress actually declared independence in 1776 -- forever after?

    On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was officially approved by Congress, and that became "the day we celebrate" as the Victorian postcard by Ellen Clapsaddle above proclaims.  Here's for a "Glorious Fourth"!

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    Back for Summer Fun: New Challenge Starts Monday

    Well, I'm back from our June vacation which took me through 15 states of the American West and Midwest!  It was quite an adventure. as well as my etsy shop and other venues are back to normal, so do visit!

    While I can't say I'm roaring with energy in this hot muggy weather we're having here in the eastern U.S., I am excited to get back to creating new digital collage sheets and designing other new printables.  I was on quite the roll before I left, with bellydancer tags, Victorian bookmarks, Mason jars, lunar ladies and more, and there are plenty of other ideas in my little notebook and noggin.

    I'm also excited to restart my Lunagirl Moonbeams blog challenges!  To remind you of the upcoming challenge starting on Monday (July 7) here is a bathing beauty at the seashore in vintage style.  Yes, the next theme is VINTAGE SEASHORE & BATHING BEAUTIES, so get ready for some beach-y fun...

    Lunagirl on Etsy