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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Challenge Winner: Let's Hear It For the Boys

We have a winner! Our "Let's Hear It For the Boys" challenge is completed, the random drawing has been done, and congratulations go out to Avril (Mrs. B's Crafting Addiction) for Entry #9! She has won her choice of one my ten Lunagirl Collage Sheet Collection CDs!

Thanks to everyone who joined in this challenge! It was lots of fun.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for my next challenge. The theme will be FAIRYLAND...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Don't Miss Mandy's TAG ALONG Blog

I am pleased and honored to be sponsoring a VINTAGE themed challenge over at Tag Along this week. I am especially honored to sponsor this week for Tag Along's one year anniversary!

Tag Along is a blog just for tags, and it's created by our own Mandy Chilvers of the Moonbeams Design Team. Today it's one year old and going strong. Congrats, Mandy!

Mandy has some great themes -- last week was Bees, and the bee-themed tags were wonderful!

If you love tags like I do, you'll want to hop on over there and check out Tag Along. Join in the "Vintage Inspired" challenge this week (for a chance to win four Lunagirl collage sheets) and come back for a new tag challenge every Thursday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lady of the Crescent Moon

Yesterday was the dark new moon, and tonight there will be just a tiny crescent, and I've been contemplating the symbol of the New Moon.

The Dark Moon, when there is "no moon," is actually the end and beginning of the cycle. I think of it as the energy of a seed.  The seed is the culmination of a plant's life, but also holds the potential for a new plant. The energy of a Dark Moon is like a seed lying under ground, full of stored energy and potential for growth but not yet manifest, still unseen. It looks like "nothing is happening" but there is tremendous potential in the dark.

Then there's that new silver crescent -- truly the start of something new. Energy "waxes" -- grows stronger -- day by day, until the fullness of expression in a bright Full Moon.

Today I'm still at the little crescent! Just the smallest glimpse of something new, something starting to grow, like the tiny new moon in the sky tonight. Here is a lady with the waxing crescent. She is sitting still but looks impatient. That's me lately! As her moon energy grows I hope she will blossom and burst forth out of her stillness (and maybe out of that corset!). The swirls of red around her show something is brewing and stirring, and I think that bright purple butterfly is inspiration, and a vision of her self-expression to come.

Well, the stuff that goes on in one's mind at the New Moon... I actually have a "Moon Goddess" theme scheduled for sometime in October, so I hope your own moon energy is stirring...

Monday, August 25, 2014

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS challenge second week

Hello all! Our "Let's Hear It For the Boys" challenge continues all this week. We have some great entries so far, but we need to see yours!

Here is a little guy to inspire you (click on his picture to enlarge and save if you like), and some BEAUTIFUL inspirational samples from the Moonbeams Design Team below.

You have until Sunday to link up your creation, for fun and a chance to win the drawing for a Lunagirl Collage Sheet collection of your choice.

"this little boy image is so sweet and i am pretty sure he is very sorry for whatever he did!"

two adorable little guys with flowers -- and beautiful collage work
"This card proves that I save everything.  The arched embossed cardboard under the Lunagirl image is part of a band that went around a Panera coffee cup to keep your hands from being burned.  This was all placed on top of a piece of designer cardstock and a piece of designer paper, both scraps. An epoxy sentiment finished the card."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Creative Blog Challenge: Let's Hear It for the Boys!

Time for a new challenge theme! We usually do so many themes with women and flowers and little girls... this time it's something different: Let's Hear It For The BOYS. I'm the mother of two boys myself, so I'm all for that.

Your project should focus on boys. Take a look at my Lunagirl shop for boys on digital collage sheets and more on CD, and don't miss the Design Team inspiration below! (My challenge banner uses frames from my Victorian Vintage Blank Labels CD plus vintage boys from my digital collage sheets.)

Here are the challenge guidelines:

  • Any craft or medium is OK.
  • Limit of 3 entries from one person in each challenge, please.
  • Vintage style is encouraged.
  • Use a Lunagirl image or element and your entry will count twice in the drawing!
  • Remember to link to this blog and to on your site if you have one.
  • Prize:  The winner will be selected randomly, to receive a Lunagirl collage sheet CD of your choice! ($25 value).
  • Challenge ends at noon CST on August 31.

  • Of course I love if you use at least one product, and I hope you'll go take a look at my collection... but that's not a requirement. However, remember that if you use a Lunagirl image, you will be entered TWICE in the drawing! I want to welcome everyone and every style but also give a little something extra to my wonderful customers! 



    To get you started, here is an adorable little guy on a bookmark created by Michele Storms, perfect for our boys-themed challenge and also for Back-to-School Time!

    Michele writes:
    as the mom of one child, a son, i love being challenged to deliver up some good things featuring boys.  i made a bookmark on the "back to school" theme since that time is right around the corner.  i used an image from your african american CD and the rainbow butterflies sheet (because boys can take flight too of course -- and truly learning gives you wings!)  the rest is stuff from my stash.

    Here's another adorable little guy on this arch created by MANDY CHILVERS. I love the aged look and muted colors. (Little boy photo from Little Boys Photos.)

    Here he is again on a tag by Vicki Romaine! I love the vintage style of this one, with the sepia and copper colors. 

    Vicki writes:
    My tag has a page from an old paperback book as a background base.  The  Lunagirl image was placed under wrapped vintage twine. Down the left side is a piece of shinny cooper-looking cardstock cut from an old Christmas card. At the top is a medallion piece that had been smashed in a coin-smashing machine

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    Winner of Victorian Flowers & Fans Challenge: Karla B!

    Sorry I'm a bit late with the challenge winner this time! It's been a busy day. But I have done the random drawing, and our lucky winner this time is Karla B's perfectly lovely Lady and Fan. Congrats, Karla! Email me at at your convenience. :-)

    For winning the drawing, Karla gets to choose as her prize any one of my Lunagirl Collage Sheet CDs ~ each is a collection of 25 digital collage sheets on CD.

    My next theme starts tomorrow ~ actually in just a few hours. I hope to see you in the next challenge:  "Let's Hear It for the Boys"

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    Sunflower: One last reminder for Flowers & Fans!

    One last inspiration piece for our Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge, this one created by Michele Storms, featuring a sunflower perfect for August.  I've been seeing big bright sunflowers standing proudly in a neighbor's back yard, and I am resolved to plant some along my fence next year! It's pretty much impossible not to smile when I look at sunflowers. :-)  According to my Victorian Language of Flowers guide, sunflowers stand for happiness and opportunity. (See more flower meanings...)

    Just a couple days left to link up your entry in the challenge! You might win the prize drawing!
    What's your favorite flower??

    Thursday, August 14, 2014

    Remember to smile... and to play in our challenge

    Here is a pretty lady with her fan and rose on a pretty tag created by Vicki Romaine.  She's here to remind you to smile (life is beautiful) and also to remind you to enter your own creation in our Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge!

    Here's what Vicki says about her tag:
    It has a background tech I learned at Stampaway 2014 in Cincinnati last week.  It uses pastels.  The images on the  tag are Lunagirl.  The flowers in the girl's hand were added to the main image and the main image is dimensional.

    Don't miss the challenge and your chance to win the drawing for a collection of 25 Lunagirl collage sheets on CD.  :-)

    Vicki has great challenges over at her blog The Cheerful Stamppad as well -- right now her theme is All That Jazz -- check them out!

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    French Fan Scrap

    I've been running around all morning, and now at noon-thirty I'm finally sitting down with a cup of coffee to do some work.  Today I'm drinking Community Coffee from Louisiana with chicory (traditional in New Orleans) and that reminded me of this pretty scrap in the shape of a Victorian fan, from a French chicory manufacturer.  Scrapbooks were popular during the Victorian era, and companies gave away these collectible pieces of ephemera as advertising. I thought someone might need it for my Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge?  (hint hint wink...)

    Monday, August 11, 2014

    Victorian Flowers & Fans Challenge: Second Week!

    Our "Language of Flowers & Fans" theme continues all this week, so you have until Sunday to link up your creation(s) for a chance to win!  If your entry wins the random drawing, you'll get to choose one of my ten Lunagirl Collage Sheet collections on CD ~ plus it's fun.  
    Don't miss all the lovely entries in the gallery so far, and here are some new inspirational samples from the Moonbeams! 
    for this joyful lady tag i again used 3 different collage sheets, blossom, lady of the flowers and fans.

    Saturday, August 9, 2014

    Book: The Language of Flowers

    I've been meaning to mention the fact that there is a bestselling book called "The Language of Flowers" too!  It's about a young woman who has had a rather sad and lonely childhood growing up in foster care, who finds meaning in the beauty of flowers and the Victorian "language of flowers" and through this gift is able to connect with and help other people.

    I haven't read it myself, but it sounds intriguing.  Thanks to Design Team member Michele Storms for sharing this with me, so that I can share it with you!  Have you read it?

    Friday, August 8, 2014

    Sponsoring Digitally Sweet Challenges

    You know I love sponsoring over at DigitallySweetChallenges, and today they started the 100th challenge! I am proud to be their sponsor and provide images for this challenge.

    And it's a great theme ~ a little different and a little challenging but very inspiring: "White on White with a Touch of Pink."  I think it works particularly well with vintage style.  The DSC design team was obviously very inspired by this theme, as you can see by the samples they submitted!  Take a look at all of them..

    The DSC "White on White with a Touch of Pink" challenge continues all this week until Thursday evening, and I hope you will join in!

    And of course remember to enter my Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge!  I'll try to keep bringing you thoughts on the Language of Flowers and Fans to give you ideas...

    Orange Blossoms and Ivy

    My Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge continues, and I'm still thinking about flower meanings.  I don't think this one is on my Victorian Language of Flowers page, but the pretty white blossoms of the orange tree used to be an important flower for brides and weddings (they may still be in England?)  As far as I can tell, the oldest meaning associated with orange blossoms is ... you guessed it, fertility! Just like the rice and the shoes tied to the back of the car, orange blossoms were believed (hoped) to bring the blessing of children!  Another nice symbol for weddings is the lovely evergreen Ivy, which has long symbolized fidelity and marriage.

    Of course these days brides usually just choose flowers that they particularly like for their wedding -- based on personal preferences or color or the season.  (Mine was a collection of Tennessee June wildflowers that my husband picked for me -- day lilies, sweet peas, butterfly weed, lilac, Queen Anne's lace -- yes, I'm an accidental country girl, or maybe just a hippie at heart!)

    But wouldn't it be fun to create a bouquet reflecting Victorian flower meanings?  I would love to hear from anyone who has done this!  What flowers would you choose?

    The Victorians created meaningful "flower messages" for parties and occasions and remembrances for friends.  I'm sure sometimes little "nosegays" or "tussie-mussies" could communicate better than words.  And just imagine how much a young lady could communicate with how she held and moved her fan!

    You can read more flower and fan meanings on my page, and remember to join the challenge!  You don't have to incorporate meanings into your entry -- just use flowers or fans however you like -- but aren't they fun?

    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Favorite Flowers -- Join the Challenge!

    I'm happy to have a couple of entries in my "Flowers & Fans" challenge today ~ I hope to see lots more!  I've been researching flower meanings again today, and I added a couple of new ones to my Language of Flowers page at

    It seems various "flower dictionaries" might disagree about the meaning of a particular type of flower, but I've tried to use the most agreed-upon and authentic meanings I could find, based on Victorian sources.  And some flowers have come to have recognized meanings -- such as red roses for romance, for example.  Did you know that red roses can also be a symbol of Divine Love?

    Yellow roses are for friendship or platonic love, pink for admiration and appreciation.  White roses to the Victorians often stood for purity or humility; to us they are often used to express condolences or sympathy.

    Here are some pansies, which most every Victorian flower dictionary agrees symbolize "thinking of you" or thoughtfulness.  Did you know the name "pansy" comes from the French word pensee, meaning thought? Pansy flowers look like pensive little faces, don't you think?

    An iris can mean "a message."  I'm guessing that's because in Greek mythology Iris was a messenger.  She was also goddess of the rainbow -- leaving a brightly colored trail across the sky -- and irises are known for coming in many different colors!

    Did you see all the thousands of ceramic red poppies around the Tower of London?  That was such a beautiful memorial for those who died in World War I.  Poppies (the source for opium) are associated with sleep and also traditionally with death and memorials. After World War I ravaged the landscape of Europe, only the native blood red poppies would grow in the bare exposed earth. Fields of red poppies filling barren battlefields became a symbol of the sacrifice of those who died, and a flower of remembrance for those who lived on.

    I love the idea of adding herbs to bouquets, which the Victorians often did.  Herbs add fragrance and greenery, and they have symbolic meanings, too!  Rosemary for remembrance, thyme for courage, basil for luck and fame... I need to learn more of those.

    Finally, one of my favorite flowers is Zinnia -- because zinnias come in so many colors, because they're so easy to grow, but most of all because they grew all along the fence at the cabin where my husband and I first lived.  Zinnias will always remind me of our first two summers together at our first home.  The traditional meaning for zinnias, however, is "thoughts of absent friends."  Isn't that just lovely?

    What are your favorite flowers?  What memories or meanings do you associate with flowers?

    Monday, August 4, 2014

    Creative Challenge: Victorian Flowers & Fans

    Welcome to Lunagirl creative challenge #31 -- Our theme this time is "Victorian Flowers and Fans."  Your entry can be any craft or medium, using flowers and/or fans!

    This theme is inspired by the Victorian "Language of Flowers" and the "language" of Victorian ladies' fans. During the Victorian era, "flower dictionaries" were popular, and flowers and pictures of flowers spoke a language all their own.  Blossoms, buds, and herbal bouquets were sent to friends and lovers not only for their beauty and fragrance, but also to convey messages -- sometimes messages that the sender dared not speak in words. A Victorian lady's fan could speak volumes as well, especially in a society in which certain sentiments were not properly spoken aloud between unmarried young men and women.

    Of course now you want to know some traditional meanings for flowers and fans, yes?  I've created a page just for you!  Check out my Language of Flowers and Fans page at!

    I would LOVE to see someone use some of the traditional flower meanings for this challenge -- but so to keep things simple let's just require FLOWERS and/or FANS (preferably vintage/Victorian!)     :-)  I have plenty of flowers and fans to inspire you in my shop!

    Here are the challenge guidelines:

  • Any craft or medium is OK.
  • Limit of 3 entries from one person in each challenge, please.
  • Vintage style is encouraged.
  • Use a Lunagirl image or element and your entry will count twice in the drawing!
  • Remember to link to this blog and to on your site if you have one.
  • Prize:  The winner will be selected randomly, to receive a Lunagirl collage sheet CD of your choice! ($25 value).
  • Challenge ends at noon CST on August 17.

  • Of course I love if you use at least one product, and I hope you'll go take a look at my collection... but that's not a requirement. However, remember that if you use a Lunagirl image, you will be entered TWICE in the drawing! I want to welcome everyone and every style but also give a little something extra to my wonderful customers! 

    LINK UP YOUR ENTRIES BELOW TO PLAY (and please don't forget to SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE Design Team creations!)


    Card with images from Blossoms, Fans and Lady of the Flowers.
    Images from from Blossoms and Fans 
    "The background is a double mat.  One is designer paper and the other is solid cardstock.  The images are LG and the flowers are on a dimensional.  The sentiment is heavy chipboard."

    Sunday, August 3, 2014

    Favorite Color challenge winner

    Time for the drawing! I had so many beautiful entries in my "What's Your Favorite Color" challenge.  And quite a few entries used at least one Lunagirl vintage image and so got a double entry for that piece.  We'll have to do another "favorite color" challenge sometime!

    Thank you to everyone who played. I enjoyed seeing all of your work, and I hope EVERYONE will come back again.

    And the winner of the random drawing for the prize of a Lunagirl digital collage sheets CD of your choice is..... entry #22 created by NanaConnie of, whose favorite color is "purple and anything"!  Don't you love her grumpy purple-winged dragon?

    Congrats, NanaConnie! Email me at to claim your prize!

    My next challenge theme is "Flowers & Fans," inspired by the Victorian language of flowers and ladies' fans... starts tomorrow, see you soon!

    Lunagirl on Etsy