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Friday, August 8, 2014

Orange Blossoms and Ivy

My Victorian Flowers & Fans challenge continues, and I'm still thinking about flower meanings.  I don't think this one is on my Victorian Language of Flowers page, but the pretty white blossoms of the orange tree used to be an important flower for brides and weddings (they may still be in England?)  As far as I can tell, the oldest meaning associated with orange blossoms is ... you guessed it, fertility! Just like the rice and the shoes tied to the back of the car, orange blossoms were believed (hoped) to bring the blessing of children!  Another nice symbol for weddings is the lovely evergreen Ivy, which has long symbolized fidelity and marriage.

Of course these days brides usually just choose flowers that they particularly like for their wedding -- based on personal preferences or color or the season.  (Mine was a collection of Tennessee June wildflowers that my husband picked for me -- day lilies, sweet peas, butterfly weed, lilac, Queen Anne's lace -- yes, I'm an accidental country girl, or maybe just a hippie at heart!)

But wouldn't it be fun to create a bouquet reflecting Victorian flower meanings?  I would love to hear from anyone who has done this!  What flowers would you choose?

The Victorians created meaningful "flower messages" for parties and occasions and remembrances for friends.  I'm sure sometimes little "nosegays" or "tussie-mussies" could communicate better than words.  And just imagine how much a young lady could communicate with how she held and moved her fan!

You can read more flower and fan meanings on my page, and remember to join the challenge!  You don't have to incorporate meanings into your entry -- just use flowers or fans however you like -- but aren't they fun?

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