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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lady of the Crescent Moon

Yesterday was the dark new moon, and tonight there will be just a tiny crescent, and I've been contemplating the symbol of the New Moon.

The Dark Moon, when there is "no moon," is actually the end and beginning of the cycle. I think of it as the energy of a seed.  The seed is the culmination of a plant's life, but also holds the potential for a new plant. The energy of a Dark Moon is like a seed lying under ground, full of stored energy and potential for growth but not yet manifest, still unseen. It looks like "nothing is happening" but there is tremendous potential in the dark.

Then there's that new silver crescent -- truly the start of something new. Energy "waxes" -- grows stronger -- day by day, until the fullness of expression in a bright Full Moon.

Today I'm still at the little crescent! Just the smallest glimpse of something new, something starting to grow, like the tiny new moon in the sky tonight. Here is a lady with the waxing crescent. She is sitting still but looks impatient. That's me lately! As her moon energy grows I hope she will blossom and burst forth out of her stillness (and maybe out of that corset!). The swirls of red around her show something is brewing and stirring, and I think that bright purple butterfly is inspiration, and a vision of her self-expression to come.

Well, the stuff that goes on in one's mind at the New Moon... I actually have a "Moon Goddess" theme scheduled for sometime in October, so I hope your own moon energy is stirring...


  1. Gorgeous design your impatient moon goddess!

  2. Loved reading your post and seeing your image. Can't wait for October & the Moon Goddess theme. :-)


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