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Thursday, March 26, 2015


A chipmunk and I almost gave each other heart attacks today!

I was walking out to the mailbox, my thoughts lost in the quiet of a spring morning, and just as I passed the corner of the house I heard a huge racket to my left, which made me jump. Apparently I had surprised one of these little guys and he (she?) scrambled across the metal covering of the HVAC fan causing a rather loud noise for such a small creature. 

We are lucky to have these little Eastern Chipmunks all around the yard. They are adorable! They tend to "lay low" unlike their more brazen cousins the grey squirrels. We must have dozens of the grey squirrels, and they are fun to watch leaping and playing with each others in the trees. They seem to enjoy taunting my (indoor) cats, who watch with futile fascination from the windows.

In Colorado last summer we visited a "ghost town" where this happens:


  1. Do you remember which ghost town? We went to a lot of ghost towns on our three six-month trips out west.

    1. I think it was probably St. Elmo ~ I'll have to ask my husband if that's right.

  2. So adorable! I love chippies! Some are so tame - we went to park where they ate from our hand like in your photo. The chickadees did too! It was such a neat experience! Oh, now I want to go back!


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