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Monday, August 23, 2010

New Collage Sheet: Maps!

Yet another brand new Lunagirl collage sheet design!  This one is created with fabulous fascinating maps adapted from antique books.  There are maps of the Eastern and Western hemispheres with illustrations of the signs of the zodiac and angels in the corners, a map of the ancient Mediterranean world, an ancient map of the ocean currents with Latin text, an 18th-century map of Nova Scotia and the St. Lawrence River with lovely calligraphic writing, plus "London and the Suburbs, Seventeenth Century". These are carefully restored and enhanced to be just right. Fascinating images and aged paper make beautiful backgrounds for altered art projects of all kinds!  Click on this link to be taken to a page to purchase and download:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Collage Sheet: Cleo de Merode

Another new collage sheet just created, this one featuring altered photos of the lovely dancer Cleo de Merode.  She is certainly one of the most memorable beauties of the Edwardian stage, and we thought she deserved a collection all by herself.  Beautiful old images published in Paris long ago, enhanced and embellished for you to enjoy. To go to a page to purchase and download, click here!

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Collage Sheet: Mucha Domino Size

We been creating quite a few new collage sheets recently, so I thought I would feature some of them.  Here is a beautiful collection of Mucha women in 1x2 size perfect for domino pendants and other jewelry.  You can also clip them to 1x1 for square charms.  If you love Mucha's sensuous Art Nouveau style, you'll want to enjoy these in your projects!  To be taken to a page to purchase and download, click here:

Great Idea: Mini Quilts

In the etsy blog I came across this article about how to make "mini-quilts" and wanted to share!  What a great idea for a quick project:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Fashions for the Ladies

How about these fashions for July, circa 1853? I don't think so!
Or perhaps these Paris ensembles for the summer season?
I do think I could enjoy these lovely ball gowns circa 1810...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Victorian Scrapbook Pages Part Two

 The word ephemera is related to ephemeral, meaning temporary or transitory and not meant to last. Antique scrapbooks preserved bits of paper that otherwise would be lost to time ~ thereby preserving memories as well and giving us a window into the life of women and girls long ago. And sometimes men, too ~ for example, Mark Twain loved scrapbooking!

Antique scrapbooks often contained trade cards, which were printed by companies to advertise their products and were often collected for their colorful sentimental or humorous illustrations. Calling cards (or "visiting cards") were often saved in scrapbooks.   A child's scrapbook might include Reward of Merit cards received at Sunday School or school, to be shared at family gatherings.

As scrapbooking became more popular, one could buy sheets of "scraps" with die-cuts, chromos, or embossed reliefs created especially for scrap albums. Newspaper clippings, tickets, letters, greeting cards, any little bits of paper ephemera might find their way into a Victorian scrapbook.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Victorian Scrapbook Pages

The popularity of scrapbooking is nothing new ~ the word "scrap-book" appears in print as early as 1854, and people were pasting mementos into albums at least a hundred years before that.

Victorian young ladies often kept "memory books" that might be filled with cards, scraps, signatures, poetry, sketches, quotes, photographs, dried flowers, even locks of hair.  They collected calling cards to show their popularity and created friendship albums to give as gifts.

Scrapbooks were sometimes used to teach children at home and in Sunday school, or just as a "rainy day" activity for mother and children.  Ladies' magazines gave tips for scrapbooking supplies to be kept on hand.

Victorians created scrapbooks as a way to preserve mementos and memories of special events, to celebrate family and friends, to show off achievements, to document personal interests and tastes, to remember childhood, and of course as an enjoyable hobby.  Just like we do today!  More on antique scrapbooks on Monday...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School Mid-Century Style

This young lady is ready for Back to School circa 1965.  Crisp yellow dress, matching headband and socks, saddle oxfords and a carton of whole milk.  And school started in September, not early August!

Or maybe she's dressed for the return of "Mad Men" this week!  We are mad for mid-century.  I am on a mission to find some ladies' fashions images from this era that are OK to use, but for today here is little Linda in honor of the first day of school.

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