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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sassy Showgirls: Second Week

The Sassy Showgirls just keep coming as the challenge continues into another week.  The wonderful Lunagirl Moonbeams Design Team has sent me some more sassy ladies to share with you for inspiration.  So get crafting and enter the challenge before Sunday for your chance to win $10 credit at!

"This is a very simple card to make--a Lunagirl showgirl image and a big orange bow!"

"As base I recycled a clothes tag and layered black glittery card and one of the images from the Showgirls digital collage sheet. As embellishments I used little black blings, black lace and tulle, a little charm and paper flower."

MICHELE STORMS: Theatre of Dreams card
MANDY CHILVERS: Celestial tag

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Digital Collage Sheets: Gypsy Tarot Cards

I don't think I've featured these new Tarot card collage sheets before, so here they are.  Antique Tarot card art from the Major Arcana and a few Minor Arcana mixed in -- in brilliant colors digitally enhanced, in soft vintage sepia artfully altered, and as tiles 1x1.5" and charm ovals 30x40mm.  New and ready to download on etsy or (click an image to go to Lunagirl).

Celebrating Purple!

I counted FIVE different kinds of little purple wildflowers in my front garden and yard this morning (little grape hyacinths, beautiful purple vinca flowers, venus looking glass, violets of course, and another lavender star-shaped flower that is new to me!) 

So today I'm showing off my purple images on Lunagirl digital collage sheets, including a collection of violets and some pretty vintage ladies in shades of lavender, purple, and orchid, and even some backgrounds in fabric textures and shades of purple.  (click an image to go purchase and browse more colors)

These aren't technically "new" but I couldn't resist.  "New" images in sepia for your gypsy soul later....

Freebies: Showgirls

How about some sassy showgirls in purple?  (Don't miss the Sassy Showgirls blog challenge continuing through next week!)

Aren't these ladies irresistibly fabulous?

More glamour girls in purple and blue

showgirls galore!

thousands of vintage ladies ready to print!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Collage Sheet: Forest Fairy Wings

I like to announce new items on the blog, and I'm afraid I've been a little neglectful of that lately.  So here is a new digital collage sheet I've created featuring some pretty fairy wings for spring and summer fairy-watching in the garden.

Some of you may have my "Wings for Wind and Water Fairies" which are mostly in shades of blue, cool green, and pink.  They are lovely and ethereal, like dragonfly wings, in various sizes.  The new design is called "Wings for Forest Fairies" and offers shades in "woodland" colors such as deeper greens and soft sepia browns/orange.  (No watermarks on the actual item, of course!)

I created these wings "from scratch" (rather than altering vintage pictures) so I'm especially proud to offer them to you and I hope you can have some fun with them!  More new products coming soon, I hope ~ so many ideas, so little time!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Customer Showcase: BathCatSoaps on etsy

It's fun to showcase creative customers and their work, and today jff (just for fun) I want to mention a BRAND NEW etsy shop BathCatSoaps where Christina is selling her handmade soaps with Lunagirl labels! Her products look wonderful, and the labels look great. I absolutely love handmade scented soaps, so I'll probably be visiting there a bit myself ~ I have my eye on "Somali Spice oatmeal vanilla cinnamon sandalwood" (yum).  And she's in Atlanta, my former hometown (before I moved to the "boonies" of Tennessee).  Her shop has some very unique and intriguing-sounding scents, her ingredients are all natural, and her prices are very good!

I hope you'll visit BathCatSoaps ~ and hey, if you want me to showcase your work using Lunagirl images just let me know! And if you are interested in my collection of vintage-style labels (which are Lunagirl altered creations registered with the US Copyright Office ~ I'm proud of them) it is here:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Challenge "SASSY SHOWGIRLS" March 24-April 6

Are you ready? Here comes the next Lunagirl Moonbeams blog challenge.  Our theme for the next two weeks is SASSY SHOWGIRLS and there are so many divas, dancers, and showgirls to choose from at!

This challenge (#24) will end at Noon (Central Time) on April 6.
Here are the guidelines for this challenge:

  • Any craft or medium is OK,
  • No more than 3 entries from one person in each challenge,
  • Vintage style is encouraged but not required, and
  • Please link to my blog and on your site if you have one.

Prize:  The winner will be selected randomly to win a $10 coupon for!

  • Of course I love if you use at least one product, and I hope you'll go take a look at my collection... but that's not a requirement!  
  • However, if you use a Lunagirl image in your creation, you will be entered TWICE in the drawing! I want to welcome everyone and every style but also give a little something extra to my wonderful customers!

Don't miss the lovely samples from the Moonbeams Design Team below (scroll down!), and please come link up your own creations.  


The DT will be working with images from my Lunagirl digital collage sheets "Showgirls" and "Burlesque."  You'll find more showgirls and divas at  I hope they inspire your own sassy creations!

And be sure to click here to learn more about my fabulous DT members and visit their blogs!

(Note: Petra Berendsen will be back!)

"I thought this designer paper would give the appearance of a theater curtain especially with the two accents of black glittery stickers at the top.  The Lunagirl image is a vintage version of the Rockettes   The blue cardstock at the bottom resembles a stage at first glance.  To add a little more glitz to the card I added a wire/mesh ribbon and bow.  The bow was very hard to tie as it wanted to shred into pieces, but after a couple of tries I think I conquered it."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winner of "Shabby Green" Challenge

It's time for to announce the winner of the random drawing for the Shabby Green challenge.  The lucky winner of the drawing this time is entry #16 by Annie of Memories to Keep blog!  Congrats to Annie -- email me at to claim your prize!

All the gorgeous green in the entries for this challenge certainly brightened up the blog and was so perfect for the first few days of spring.  I really enjoyed all the fresh beautiful green!

My theme for the next challenge is SASSY SHOWGIRLS, and the DT has some fun samples to share.  Everyone please come back tomorrow to get in on the fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring in Shabby Green!

 Today is the Spring Equinox, the official first day of Spring! (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere)... and to celebrate the arrival of springtime and the longer, warmer days full of flowers (I hope) is one more Shabby Green piece from the Design Team.

Michele Storms created this lovely tag.  So pretty!  I love daisies and sunflowers -- for me it's impossible to see either and not smile.  Enjoy, and don't forget to link up your own "shabby green" inspired creation for the blog challenge.  You have until Sunday to join in for your chance to win the prize of $10 shopping credit in the random drawing.

The DT samples and many beautiful green entries we already have are inspiring... and you can also find Lunagirl images to use in my digital collage sheet shop and even some freebies here!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Second Week of SHABBY GREEN

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you're wearing green so no one will pinch you today (does that only apply to us Irish, or to everyone?)  I have a great deal of Irish ancestry on both sides, but one day a year I'm all Irish, of course.

The Shabby Green challenge here at Lunagirl Moonbeams is shaping up beautifully. Take a look at all the gorgeous entries!  If you haven't entered yet, or if you would like to enter again, you still have all week to do so.

Here to inspire you are more beautiful creations by the Lunagirl Moonbeams Design Team.  Link up your Shabby Green creation for a chance to win $10 shopping credit at!

And pardon me for being so chipper today, but might I just add how great my DT is? Such beautiful work!

"I used a number of my scraps today with this card.  The bumpy green paper on the side of the card is a piece of homemade paper I had made about two years ago and it was in my scrap drawer.  I used the lovely LG "freebie" this time.  The little chick and duckling were not on the image I added them so the little girl could be looking at them.  Completing the card is the sentiment and a leftover Christmas bow.  This card is perfect for both St. Patty's day as well as Easter./ Spring."

"I am a little bit into jewellery making at the moment and when I saw the images from your Shabby Green collage sheet, I could not resist to make some little scrabble tile necklaces.I hope you like them."

Shabby Green Fairy :-)

Lady in Green Tag

Friday, March 14, 2014

Digitally Sweet Challenge: B&W and One Other Color

Need some crafting motivation/inspiration?

Hop over to Digitally Sweet Challenge Blog where I'm sponsoring this week's theme:  Black & White & One Other Color!

Shown here is one of the gorgeous DT samples by Digitally Sweet DT member Sue.  Isn't it perfect for spring and Mother's Day (and my Shabby Green theme?)!  There are other equally lovely DT pieces featuring other colors!

Enter for a chance to win some Lunagirl images to start your Spring off right.  All entries qualify for Top 3 and giveaways.

St. Patrick's Day Facts and Lore

March 17 is the feast day of Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland (along with Brigid of Kildare and Columba). Patrick was a Roman British-born missionary, probably in the fifth century, said to have converted Ireland to Christianity. Historians think most of his converts were among the aristocracy, and it's not clear that the common people changed over from their ancient paganism until later, but he gets the credit in legend at least!

The little shamrock is not the official symbol of Ireland (that honor goes to the Celtic harp), but around the world a green clover or shamrock is associated with Eire. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to teach the pre-Christian people of Ireland about the Trinity. There is no evidence in his writings that St. Patrick actually did this, but he did incorporate ancient pagan Celtic symbols and practices which made Christianity more easily accepted by the people of the land. He is also said to have approached the Irish as an equal rather than a superior, which made his Irish audience more receptive to his message.

The color green is of course a sacred color for pagans, and a symbol of life (appropriate on March 17, when spring is imminent!) The "wearing o'the green" originally referred to wearing a shamrock on one's clothing to show solidarity or identity with Ireland -- or the Irish independence movement. During the reign of Queen Victoria (when Ireland was actively fighting English rule) this practice was actually outlawed.

St. Patrick's Day came to America with early Irish immigrants. St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in America before the United States was even a nation! The first St. Patrick's Day in the colonies was in Boston in 1737, and New York City's parade dates to 1762.

Little facts about Ireland:
The name Ireland is the anglicized version of Eire, from the name of the Celtic goddess Eire or Eriu (Ireland = Eire's Land).
Ireland was never completely conquered by the Roman Empire.
Even during the Dark Ages, when ignorance engulfed Europe, learning and literature survived in Irish monasteries.
Poetry in Irish represents the oldest non-Latin poetry in Europe.

Over 12% of the U.S. population reports Irish ancestry.
Halloween came to America in the 1840s with Irish immigrants.
Legend says Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland but... Ireland never did have any snakes.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shabby Green Freebies for You

I can't resist sharing some freebies you might enjoy using in the Shabby Green challenge, or just for some St. Patrick's Day projects.

Both these images feature vintage ladies/girls with shamrocks, and very pretty shades of pale green.  Enjoy!

Remember to link up your "green" creations in the challenge for a chance to win $10 in credit to use at!  The Moonbeams DT (and the entries already link up) provide some beautiful inspiration.

The winner is chosen by random drawing, so everyone has a chance to win -- use at least one Lunagirl image and double your chances!

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Blog Challenge: SHABBY GREEN

MARCH 10-23
In honor of springtime's green and of course Saint Patrick's Day, for the current blog challenge I've chosen the theme SHABBY GREEN.

Your project doesn't have to be for St. Pat's, just Green! (and a bit Shabby or Vintage too!)

This challenge (#23) will end at Noon (Central Time) on March 23, and here are the guidelines:
Any craft or medium is OK,
No more than 3 entries from one person in each challenge,
Vintage style is encouraged but not required, and
Please link to my blog and on your site if you have one.

The winner will be selected randomly to win a $10 coupon for! Of course I love if you use at least one Lunagirl product, and I hope you'll go take a look at my collection... but that's not a requirement!  However, if you use a Lunagirl image in your creation, you will be entered TWICE in the drawing! I want to welcome everyone and every style but also give a little something extra to my wonderful customers!

Enjoy the lovely samples from the Moonbeams Design Team below, and please come link up your own creations.  


The DT will be working with images from my Lunagirl Shabby Green collage sheet, plus a Lunagirl green background and Saint Patrick's Day shamrock angel.  I hope they inspire your own creations -- can't wait to see what you link up!  And click here to learn more about my fabulous DT members and visit their blogs!

"These images are wonderful and really have such a lovely Spring mood. I made a little card using images from the Shabby Green collage sheet embellishing is with some Stickles around the edges, some ric-rac ribbon aand a tiny resin flower."
"I placed the LG image on a solid green mat so it will pop from the green background.  Beige lace trims the side while flowers in the image are repeated with some in the corner of the card.  The sentiment was also printed in green from my computer."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goddess Challenge Winner ... and here comes Green

The winner of the random drawing for my GODDESS challenge is WendyLynn of Paper Whims and her charming goddess scrapling!

Congrats to Wendy -- email me at to claim your $10 gift credit to use at LUNAGIRL.COM.

Before Wendy's entry, I didn't know what a "scrapling" was -- you can see her blog post here to find out!

As always I send a big THANK YOU to everyone who played and a giant CONGRATULATIONS for all your beautiful work.  Remember to come back for the next challenge, and remember that everyone has a chance to win.

The next theme, starting tomorrow, will be Shabby Green.  Just in time for Spring and Saint Patrick's Day!  Moonbeams DT member Michele has created a shabby green goddess altered altoid tin that helps us make a perfect transition.  Have a happy day, and do come play again.  :-)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Goddess Blog Challenge: Get Inspired by Michele's Beautiful Spring Goddess

Two more days! Channel your inner goddess and link up your Goddess-themed creation for a chance to win the drawing and $10 shopping credit at
"This vintage Lunagirl goddess watches over her other goddess friends."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"GODDESS" Challenge: Three Days Left

Our "Goddess" theme blog challenge continues until Sunday.  Don't miss out on your chance to win a $10 gift credit at LUNAGIRL.COM where you can find hundreds of digital collage sheets, printable downloads, and fabulous images on CD. 

Remember the winner is chosen by random drawing so everyone has an equal chance of winning!  You can enter up to 3 projects, and if your project uses any Lunagirl images that doubles your chances of winning! Pretty good odds, right?

To help you out, here is a freebie: a beautiful "Spirit of the Summit" goddess from Victorian neo-classical art.  And don't miss all of the gorgeous inspiration from the DT

Get creating to express your inner goddess!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Goddess Flora is Bringing Flowers!

By my front doorstep, I have purple crocuses and bright yellow daffodils!
This makes me a happy girl.

Go! Steampunk Tag by Michele

Hello all! The theme over at Tag Tuesday is "Maps Charts & Diagrams," and Michele Storms of my DT shared this fab steampunk-style tag she created for it.  Her tag uses some images from my Steampunk Girls collage sheet.  My husband and I have been planning our family vacation for this summer, and this tag is just adding to my restlessness!  I'm ready to take off and go!

You can visit Michele at her blog Art From the Well.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Join in our "Goddess" blog challenge!

We're having a "snow day" here (actually only a little ice), and it's time for some more inspiration from the Design Team.

Vicki Romaine used a beautiful image of the Three Graces as the focal point of her card:
"I chose an image from the Goddess sheet that had three ladies in it.  This time I placed them on a music background and added a lacy ribbon to the bottom.  I small twine bow finishes the card."
By Michele Storms
This goddess knows how to shine in her own style. I love the unusual black borders and as always the tiny heart!

Mandy Chilvers created this beautiful heart-shaped tag with an image from an antique holy card as the focal point, adding little skulls and flowers and other perfect embellishments.

The GODDESS blog challenge continues all this week, until Sunday noon CST, so you have plenty of time to create and link up your entry!
On Sunday I'll do a drawing for one player to receive the prize of $10 gift credit to use at shop!

Petra Berendsen sent a picture of these stunning pendants she created:
"I created three little collages for some pendants using beautiful goddesses from your Classical Beauties and Victorian Butterflies collage sheets. I encased them in Ranger Memory Frames adding some lace and a ltiny reson flower. They are ready to be turned into jewellery ... this will come later."

Lunagirl on Etsy