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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"Daisies are the friendliest flower, don't you think?" That was in a movie I watched last night, and now I'm thinking of daisies. Folklore says that dreaming of daisies in the spring is good luck (although bad luck in winter!)

Our wild ox-eye daisies haven't arrived here yet, but we have some charming daisy pictures in our Victorian Flowers collection, many of them newly acquired and newly added to the latest edition!

Daisies have long been popular. In medieval times, knights wore them at tournaments and ladies wove them into wreaths and crowns (so I'm told...) On Victorian cards (especially the French ones) we often see daisy-like flowers referred to as Marguerites, and I've learned that queens and princesses named Margaret or Marguerite often took the daisy as their flower.

In the Victorian "language of flowers" the daisy meant Innocence. They are still a symbol of innocence, simplicity, and cheerfulness. Come to think of it, they are indeed the friendliest of flowers.

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