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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A LIttle Project Idea for a New Year of Memories

Here's a great idea to begin in January:
Start a memory jar for your family or just for yourself.  All you need is a nice jar ~ decorated or simply labeled 2014 ~ and some supplies kept handy to write things down.  You might use pretty scraps of paper, or colorful bits of cardstock, cut-up recycled Christmas cards, or just a simple tiny notepad, with a pencil or pens.  You could even attach a pencil with ribbon or string tied around the neck of the jar.

As the days go by in 2014, jot down special memories and put them into a jar.  Include memories worth saving, big accomplishments and small victories, LOL moments, surprises, challenges, nature's beauty, things you've thankful for. You could also put in ticket stubs, tokens, little drawings and photos, mementos.  Kids can take part too!  Then on New Years Eve, or maybe during that magical week between Christmas and New Years, cozy up and pull your memory scraps out one at a time to remember 2014. 

I like that this container, and this ritual, could be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  And it would be equally nice for a family, a couple, or just yourself.

I can see a whole shelf of "years" in my future!  An old teapot would be nice for this, too ~ I need an excuse to buy more old teapots!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'm going to start one today - and it would be fun to do another one for older memories as they come to me as well ... hmmm ... t hanks for the inspiration Karen and a happy new year to you and yours :o)

  2. A great idea! You collect teapots too,huh? I don' t have very many. They are not antique, just some novelty ones. I also have demitasse cups and saucers.

    1. I love teapots and teacups -- I have just a few but more than I "need"! I like antique ones, Japanese and Chinese ones, novelty ones, retro midcentury ones... I also love tea but usually just use teabags. I actually have a weakness for all antique and vintage kitchenware, especially from the 1930s-1960s. Just not enough room to be a true collector!


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