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Monday, April 20, 2009


I've always loved this photo. The little girl looks like she doesn't really want to step out of that doorway and into the next room. What is her mother whispering to her? What is the little girl looking at, and why doesn't she want to go into that room?

Inspired by recent messages/conversations my head is full of imagery that for lack of a better word I call gothic: windswept cliffs over stormy oceans at night, annabel lee in a white dress, the bronte sisters dreaming out on the moors, a disheveled cinderella, abandoned brides and ragged wedding veils, silent little girls, angry little girls, moonlight through swiftly moving ragged clouds... stuff like that!

I'm sure in time all this will give rise to some cool new collage sheets (and other projects I hope)

but for now I'm content to post a few favorite photos with a 'gothic' feel.

As a kid I always gravitated toward songs and stories that were melancholy, or dark and sweet at the same time. I'm still inspired by beauty and sadness, especially when they're combined...

Edgar Allen Poe said something about how art is inspired by loss and beauty, and that the greatest artistic inspiration was the loss of beauty or love. Or something to that effect....

Then's there's this lady below! What's on her mind?

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